515 alive 2018 | street team guidelines

Thank you for being part of our team! The street team is key to making a statement
about 515 Alive in the community, and you are truly our biggest asset.

Please read through the following pages thoroughly to find ALL of the information you need to succeed in our street team. 
Below are detailed instructions on how to promote for 515 Alive, documenting your work, submission deadlines, and more.
Feel free to contact the street team manager with any questions at jess@515alive.com

Proofs &

All street team promotion is credited through promo proofs you will submit to us through forms over the next month.

  • Social proofs are screenshots you will take to show your online promo was completed, IE: a screenshot of a timeline post you made on your Facebook page.

  • Physical proofs are photos you will take to show your physical promo was completed, IE: a photo of the flyers you hung up on a community board.


Social Promo

  • Social Promo is social media promotion, and includes things like:
    • Facebook Text posts (colored block statuses)
    • Facebook Timeline shares and posts (tag the page whenever applicable!)
    • Posts in the Facebook event page
    • Shares in like-minded Facebook community groups
    • Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat stories
  • When posting, try to do your posts on different days of the block, so not to spam.
  • We rely on Facebook for most of our event marketing, but if you are active on other channels, feel free to utilize them!
  • Use this resource for help if you get stuck taking screenshots: www.take-a-screenshot.org


Physical Promo

  • Physical Promo consists of old school poster and flyer promotion.
  • Street teamers who earn their credit this way MUST be comfortable getting out into their community and music scene to spread the word!
  • Some options include but are not limited to:
    • Record stores
    • Coffee shops
    • Skate shops
    • Clothing stores
    • Local shows


You will submit all proofs through forms. 
Each block form requires specific types & amounts of promo tasks completed and prompts you to attach images of your work. 

  • The form will allow you to title your image attachments, so please do! 

    • Social: Title your image with the date you posted

    • Physical: Title your image with the date and location of your work, IE: "6/1/2018 - Cups Cafe"

Note: This street team process works better on desktop browsers. Mobile forms will not allow you to title your images.

  • Physical Promo consists of old school poster and flyer promotion
  • To earn credit for your work, you must provide proof for physical promo as well
  • Complete these steps to receive credit:
    • If you are at a show, take a photo of your ticket stub or the marquee (even better: the act on stage)
      • Take a photo of yourself/attendees with handbills
    • For local businesses and parking lots, take a photo of the poster/flyer in place


Initial & Block Forms
There are two forms you will work out of for the entire street team timeline: Initial & Blocks.

  • The Initial form contains general social promo tasks we require each street teamer to complete. Completing this form first is a good way to get a handle
    on the way our street team process works, however, you can complete and submit this form at any point in the timeline.
  • The Blocks form is where you submit ALL the rest of your proofs for the rest of the street team timeline. 
    • Each block lays out several sections for social media promo, and asks you to choose a certain number of those sections
    • To earn credit for the block, you must complete the required number of sections and provide proof via image attachments
      • For example, sections may include 4 posts in Facebook groups, 3 posts on your Stories, etc.
      • You will be prompted to choose a few sections for the block. For example, choose 3 of the 5 sections provided

The Blocks form contains a drop-down menu under your name with a list of all of the blocks/their dates. WHEN YOU SUBMIT THIS FORM, YOU MUST SELECT THE
CORRECT BLOCK DATE! The form will stay the same- you just change the dates.



& Group

Blocks & Deadlines
The street team schedule runs on bi-weekly "blocks".

  • The start date of each block is on Sundays, and the submission deadlines are on Saturdays.
  • Street teamers are expected to submit their forms for each block ON TIME so their work can be reviewed and their leaderboard can be updated.
  • Find due dates and block dates listed at the top of the Blocks form.

Check your progress each week on the street team leaderboard.

The leaderboard is updated every Sunday or Monday after all of the block's submissions are done rolling in.
Failing to submit your blocks by deadline could result in missing the credit.
ALL of the blocks must be completed in full in order to earn your ticket.




Facebook Group
In the closed Facebook group, you will be able to connect with other street teamers, share content, and easily communicate on everything related to the street team.

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO ADD YOURSELF TO THE GROUP! This piece is important, as the Facebook group is a central hub of communication.

reward & GUEST LIST

The final reward for completing our street team is one (1) GA weekend pass to 515 Alive. 

Your ticket does NOT include camping, which is purchased separately!
We will provide you with a discount code to apply toward your camping pass should you want to purchase one.